First Fortnight – Continuing the Conversation About Mental Health


The country’s only mental health festival, First Fortnight, is back for another wonderful few weeks. The premise of the festival revolves around creating a safe space where people can come together and talk openly about mental health – without the pressures of doctors, institutions and other parameters which might cause people to feel awkward when talking about mental health. The festival will hold a month worth of events which will include everything from live music, film, debate, spoken work, theatre and visual arts events. All the events are aimed at creating the safe space for people to talk, discuss and raise awareness about the issues surrounding mental health suffers.

First Fortnight 2


So many people will suffer from mental health issues during their life, this wonderful festival is incredibly important as it sheds light on many of these issues but in a way that allows people to feel comfortable.


The entire festival is run by a core group of volunteers who all share the same dream of eliminating the social stigma that surrounds mental health. The festival is a credit to all those involved and truly shows that good will inevitably prevail in society.
There are lots of events happening all around Dublin City. Click here for a full list of events http://www.firstfortnight.ie/