The Irish Museum of Modern Art


The Clarence Hotel

The Irish Museum of Modern Art is a must visit destination when you make the trip to Dublin, or even if you are a Dublin native, it’s a good way to show your mates that you’re not just all “cocktails and food” when you strike up a convo about the newest art sensation. There are a range of exhibitions running over at IMMA at the moment so we have picked our favourite three that you most definitely have to go and see…


“More Than One Maker” runs until the 12th July shares incentives that bring art practitioners, cultural collaborators and communities together to make and activate art projects. Whether created by an artist or a collective, this exhibition focuses on ideas of kinship, agency, utopianism, peer to peer learning and an appreciation for collaborative networks. In short, a hipsters dream!


Karla Blacks sculptures are on display until the 26th July and this site-specific exhibition at IMMA presents Karla Black’s extraordinary creative output. Her interest in process has led her to expand the possibilities of whichever material she employs; from plaster, polythene, chalk dust and powder to eye-shadow, nail varnish, fake tan and toothpaste. In other words she has created a bucket load of cool sculptures out of our everyday bits n bobs…


“IMMA Collections: Fragments” runs until the 26th July and borrows its title from Philosopher Walter Benjamin’s comparison of the work of translation to re-assembling fragments of a broken vase. This is quite a deep and thought provoking exhibition but would be sure to impress on a date.


If you’re feeling like expanding your mind of a Saturday afternoon then look no further. IMMA is located a taxi ride away at the Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8.