At The Liquor Rooms underneath us here at The Clarence, the art of the cocktail is presented against the backdrop of prohibition era style chic, a boldly designed multifaceted space that has developed a close relationship with arts communities at national and local level. Like mixing a cocktail, making a craft is a sensitive thing – there are tons of little things that go on. Mixology has recently been gaining hesitant recognition as a ‘proper’ culinary art form – few understand the level of creativity, technicality, knowledge of materials and time commitment that is invested in creating cocktails at this level.


On Wednesday March 25th The Liquor Rooms will host the second talk in a series of FREE events running monthly throughout 2015 called COCKTAILS+DESIGN. The COCKTAILS+DESIGN series will dig deep into the many collaborations and partnerships between drinks companies and design industries, addressing the often thin line between art and commercial interests. Supported by Irish Design 2015, the first event in the series was COCKTAILS + PRODUCT DESIGN and featured acclaimed Irish companies Designgoat and Dolmen, who discussed innovative product design, as well as design projects undertaken in partnership with the drinks industry to over 150 design fans.


This month, COCKTAILS + FILM will be the order of the day. Alex Fegan, the director of acclaimed documentary The Irish Pub, will be in attendance to speak about his work. The film addresses the charms of the much loved drinking establishment and gives an insight into the generations of publicans who run them. The second speaker for the evening will be Simon Doyle from Failsafe Films. It is sure to be exciting and engaging evening for film and cocktail lovers alike. Pop in from 6.30pm for a celebration of design + plenty of cocktails!


All these are events are free, but ticketed. Please click here to register at Eventbrite